Our guestbook

Please feel free to ask for the reference of our previous tour-mates.

I'm still working on that incredible pilgrimage with you, me and my friend. Do you remember that I had a voice activated recorder with me? I have all your great history teachings on my movie project now. Most of them have to do with name changes and imagining what it was like for people to peddle their goods back in the 1700's. I loved listening to your voice, your curiosity and your love of history.
Whenever I look at my photos or watch the videos I took of the villages, I get pretty emotional. Thank you so much for all your work. I'm getting pretty close to finishing my own little video and will send one off to you.
L.deG., Santa Cruz, CA.

This is just a brief note to thank you for a wonderful, well-planned, most interesting journey. It couldn't have been better, thanks to your interest, intellect and enthusiasm. My husband and I are still processing the time and experiences we had with you. We both concur that our experiences in Moravia with you were the most meaningful and interesting part of our journey.
Again, thank you for a wonderful job during our two-day pilgrimage. All four of us felt it was indeed a well-done, worthwhile, extremely well-orchestrated experience!
S.McK., Mineapollis, MN.

I wanted to thank you again for all of your help. It feels very important to know about the past of our families and your expertise was able to enrich our knowledge so much. It was fun spending time with you, too. I also truly appreciated your willingness to share the story of your own family. When we travel we go to see some of the sights, but meeting people and hearing about their experiences is very meaningful. Thanks again.
We would appreciate it if you could send the two itinerary documents you prepared to us in electronic form, so we can easily send them to my sisters and our children.
B.& H.S., Philadelphia, PA.

Thank you again for a truly fantastic journey. Even though it was just one day, we saw so much that was interesting and meaningful, and we had such a wonderful time. That day stands out as by far the best of our entire trip, and we are all so grateful that we had you to guide and inform us all along the way.
S.H., Berkeley, CA.

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