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Welcome to the Hönig & Müller - Jewish Genealogy Service. We are here to assist you to trace down your ancestors and to learn more about the Jewish communities in Bohemia/Moravia regions of former Austro-Hungarian Empire. We also provide family history research in Vienna and in Slovakia archives.
There are quite a few interesting history books that give very good insight. Our prime goal is to bring your data to this historic, politic and cultural context.

With a help of several genealogy databases we can assist you to find more about missing relatives and to trace living relatives today.

If you are planning ´route to roots´ trip, we can provide you with old and new maps, house numbers, traveling kits and with an experienced guide. We can drive you to the hometowns of your ancestors, visit the former Jewish quarter, the synagogue, the cemetery, etc.

Genealogy and other archival collections used for the research at various levels : the region - the district - the town - the community

Jewish records :

Familiant Books (1775-1840) Jewish Census Records (1724-1811) Vital Records (1788-1949)

The records of Jewish interest:

Civic Censuses (1857-1930) Joseph´s Cadastre (1785-1789) Local manor estates (1650-1940)
  Town register cards (1900-1953) Stabilised Cadastre (1839/1857) Parish registers of (Jewish) souls

History of shoa and after :

Terezin ghetto databases Yad vashem Oberlandrat/landrat assets registers
  DP camps Emigration after WWII. Restitution agenda

You may want to know that :

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1) Identify the place/region.
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3) Describe given name of person that you are looking for.
4) Identify approximate birth date or other date (marriage, death) for the search.
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6) Identify your home country.
7) Please describe your previous genealogical research within the region and write down any information and comments which you find valuable.

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