We consider family history research as a kind of multilayer lifelong task . First, we gather basic framework by collecting birth - marriage - death dates. By having this, the journey just begins.

We want you to understand the context and the richness of Jewish family life in Bohemia, Moravia and Austria in the past. And we can show you its modern face today as well.

During the initial phase of research we go to the National archives in Prague 4 and Prague 6 (alternatively to the Land Archives in Brno), and to Jewish Museum Archives in Prague. There are some Jewish vital records missing (see our reading section) but it can still provide the basic framework for the research. However, this might produce the basic family tree identifing the direct lineage and its branches as well back to approx. 1760.

Then, we can go to the district archives to study the family history in more details: the role in community, education records, business agenda, the relationship to local authorities, the role in society, migration pattern, old photographs, etc.

Then, we shall place all of this to historic context by using the memoirs and several history books/gazetteers. The highlight of that part can be Heritage Schlepp Tour and possibly also the Family Reunion at the place.

We also have access to various other databases. By having our methodology, that enable us to identify the migration pathways and to trace long-missing family members.

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